Do I have cancer Leukimia Please help I'm scared?

Answer Ok. Go see a doctor. Now. Hopefully it's a false alarm but identifying it early could save your life! Good luck!

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Do I have cancer Leukimia Help I'm scared ;(?

You know, enlarged spleens can occur for various other reasons too, including the more likely mono (or glandular fever). Leukemia is not common, and there are many other conditions that are far mo... Read More »

I'm scared I have toe cancer. Someone PLEASE help?

That would be skin cancer if was cancer.We can’t see it from here. Have your doctor look at it if you are concerned. We can't know if it serious, we don't even know your age.Less than 1% occurs i... Read More »

Do I have leukimia I'm scared ;(?

You sound tired, Take more rest and leave your eyes alone,

Do I have colon cancer Please answer; I'm scared?

No one here can answer that. Even if a doctor were on Yahoo!Answers, they couldn't tell you whether or not you have colon cancer.Tell your physician of your concerns and see if they order further ... Read More »