Do I have breathing problems?

Answer ive had same problem couple years ago. Doctor said it was cause by nerves( ive had too much stress). You think that you dont get enough air, but in reality you still breathing like usually.

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Is it normal to have problems breathing and dizziness at 33 weeks pregnant?

Answer Any trouble breathing in pregnancy is something you should discuss with your doctor or midwife. Dizziness is again something that a doctor should look into. It could be something as simple ... Read More »

Do babies conceived from incest have a higher chance of lung and breathing problems?

They can if the parent involved in the incest is carrying genes for lung and breathing problems. Then if the child gets those genes twice (once from the parent and once from the child involved in t... Read More »

Breathing Problems..........?

I was just talking to an online Dr. and sent your symptoms to him this is what he replied : "momkene narahatie ghalbi bashe mitoone kam khooni bashe , naresaee kolye ham ye hamchin alamataee dare.n... Read More »

Daschund Breathing Problems?

Dachshunds are a breed of dog unique for their short legs and long bodies. They were bred to flush out burrowing animals. Due to their unique breeding, dachshunds are susceptible to a variety of br... Read More »