Do I have a stress fracture in my shin?

Answer The stress fracture is real common. I've had it numerous times playing sports. Your best bet is to get it checked. It can become VERY painful.

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Do i have a stress fracture or shin splints?

No if you had a stress fracture you'd notice it more than just when you land back on your legs - whatever that means. I guess it means you're shooting and then you fall on your legs for some reason... Read More »

Shin splint or a stress fracture in my tibia?

It sounds like your coach is right. If it was a stress fracture or shin splint it would be very difficult to walk on much less do gymnastics with. I would recommend going to get an x-ray, better sa... Read More »

Shin sprints or shin fracture?

This happens mostly because when you run, the balls of your feet hit the ground first which is what happens when you run fast.For the meantime, slow down your running and try to let the heels of yo... Read More »

What's the difference between a hairline fracture and shin splints?

So, shin splints is pretty much where the muscle tears away from the bone. It doesn't take long to heal if you're taking care of them, such as stretching and icing. You can feel shin splints in an ... Read More »