Do you have a facebook stalker yet?

Answer dunno i havent been on facebook in years

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I have a myspace stalker, help?

report it! then delete your myspace and all your pics, and tell your friends not to add the person doing this to you. if you find out who it is, you could have a court case against them! thats hara... Read More »

I think i may have a stalker on my myspace?

You can contact MySpace, but there is no guarantee you'll get your issue resolved.If blocking him doesn't help, you only have a few choices.1. Change your settings so that someone can add you ONLY ... Read More »

I have a stalker hacker who keeps terrorizing me?

Your situation is bad... no jokes apart what you need is a great security software...If you are looking to pay for some then go for Zonealarm Internet Security Suite-> It has firewall(that will sto... Read More »

I have had terrible times with my stalker/hacker ?

did you download'malwarebytes' from It seeks out and identifies hostile malware files and viruses, and costs you nothing..Nothing's going to protect you from problems that are already... Read More »