Do I have a spider bite?

Answer I've had this before and it could be a spider bite. If you can check to see if there is a little circle in the middle of the bump then it most likely is a spider bite. If there is no little circle ... Read More »

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How old do I have to be to get a spider bite piercing?

You need to be 16 to get a spider bite piercing, and it is illegal for a 12 year old......................

Do i have an abstence or just a spider bite?

You should not allow the pus to touch near by tissue as it can spread it .

I think I have a spider bite ~ what do I do?

It sounds like a chigger bite. It's possible that it's a spider bite but they way you describe it and your location really makes it sound a like a chigger bite. Try putting a little clear finger ... Read More »

I have a spider bite what's the best thing to do?

If this hurts to touch or pressure,it isn't likely a spider bite. This would more likely be a skin abscess or other skin condition.The neosporin is the best for these, and heat helps them heal.A go... Read More »