Do I have a minor concussion an what will happen to the girl who punched me?

Answer You probably have a minor concussion. Just relax and lay down. Don't run around or anything. Take it easy and for the Pain take an aspirin, not an ibuprofen.

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I think I have a minor concussion?

You should go to a doctor because you may have a concussion. Sometimes symptoms will not show up for hours or even a day after you get the injury. Because of this you may not have had any symptoms ... Read More »

Is Tylenol good to take for a minor concussion?

Generally, which contacts are the best and what would happen if I got punched or kicked in the eye with them?

don't wear them while sparring. they will get knocked out or knocked inside your eye.

What will happen if you do not have your drivers license and insurance with you when involved in a minor accident?

Answer You will get a ticket for these violations but if you bring them with you to court and they show that you were licensed and insured on the date of the accident, these charges will be dismissed.