Do I have a drinking problem?

Answer If you cant stop or control it then it is a problemIf you are using money that should be going to other things on beer...problemIf you think about it all the time and it affects your actions...problem

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How to Know if You Have a Drinking Problem?

Alcohol problems are common but so is occasional excessive use of alcohol. Does getting drunk once or a few times mean you are an alcoholic? Here is a handy guide to help you answer this tricky que... Read More »

My Mum has a drinking problem.?

Where is you father in all of this. I take your parents are divorced. Can you turn to him or your grandparents a aunt or uncle

Do I have some drinking problem?

Was there a change in climate? Did you move somewhere? Altitude change? Nothing to really worry about though. As long as you aren't wetting the bed :P

Do I have a Problem with drinking -__-?

Sounds like the typical 20yr old social life. But wouldn't it be better to travel the world, or develop a hobby on the weekend? It provides better stories and a happier experience than that dreade... Read More »