Do I have a concussion How do I treat it?

Answer One of our resident physiotherapist says:Yes, it sounds like you may have a concussion from the symptoms you have listed. Go consult a doctor for proper treatment. But, for now, you should avoid an... Read More »

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How to Treat a Concussion?

When a blow to the head shakes the brain within the space between the brain and the skull, the resulting shaking is known as concussion.[1]A concussion is the most common type of head injury.[2] Wh... Read More »

How bad do you have to hit your head to know you have a concussion?

Yeah, I think you knocked something loose in your melon. You might want to get that checked out.Dizziness, sleepiness, blurry vision, are signs of concussion.And also, if you're over the age of 12... Read More »

Do I have a concussion?

The best thing to do is go to the doctor and ask them. From reading your story it sounds like you do.

Do I have a mild concussion ?

If you have any loss of balance in the days to come or if it continues for more than 2 days than YES and don't take part in football until your COMEPLETY OKAY or else you might get second impact si... Read More »