Do I hAVe A CoOl QueStiOn LoOK AnD SeE! Do i?

Answer You are being a smart a*s.

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Do i look pretty <= why do ppl have to ask this question?

YES I KNOW! seriously WHO CARES! If you dont' think your pretty thats YOUR problem! they just don't have sel-esteem. there aare times where i'm curious if i'm pretty but i don't go around asking po... Read More »

I need you to have a look at this question please...?

have a look here...…...

Ultra-Secretive Question! Have a look inside...?

Sexist boy.I asked a question last week..i was full of flu and have two children to look after..t?

Don't let him get to you! Do you think he would have the courage to actually say that to you or any other woman face to face? No! He is a pathetic and virginal little coward who can only vent his m... Read More »