I know this is a stupid question, but do you always have the same IP address, or is it different every time?

Answer Hello Frenzy,this is an smart question. Your IP address settings are given t you by your ISP(Internet Service Provider) and going to depend whether your account has been set to a Static or Dynamic ... Read More »

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Why is the site disappearing every time I ask a question?

IT'S A TROJAN /SThis is the link you need - run it and leave it to do its thing - could take 1 hour 45 Min's max sooner the betterdefrag your PCafter install of the smal... Read More »

Poll The The question you floss every time you brush?

If a person consistently breaks up every time he gets vex what you shd do?

yes google talk shows how many of your friends are online.'

Why do i hear a person shouting "my leg" every time i sleep at night?

JESUES. I don't know,u got me worried about u,maybe it's just u hearing voices in ur head !!!!