Do I even really need a "mouse pad" anymore?

Answer nope, i don´t need one i got an optical mouse :)

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Does anyone really use a mouse pad anymore?

haha I do, but sometimes my kids spill juice or something on it and then I dont use one:)

Do we really need mousemats anymore?

It depends on how house trained your mouse is. Optical mice tend to be very clean animals and you don't need a mouse mat to clean up after them :) Although a wrist rest gives you a good angle to t... Read More »

Why don't Acer even list drivers for their scanners anymore?

Reason #55,907 that I run All the 'drivers' resources are included, (except for a few braindead peripherals that only can be used with Microsoft), that penalize speed, and com... Read More »

Does a laser mouse need a mouse pad?

You can use a laser mouse on almost any smooth surface, and in many cases you do not need a mouse pad. However, most laser mice do not function well on glassy or reflective surfaces, so you should ... Read More »