Do I drink too much caffeine?

Answer First we must know the harmful contents of Mountain Dew,in your case you must know how much since you've calculated 300mg a day,harmful contents: SUGAR / CAFFEINE / ARTIFICIAL COLOURING / etc.,let'... Read More »

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How much caffeine is in Tab energy drink?

Tab Energy features 95 mgs of caffeine per 10.5-oz serving of the drink. Other ingredients include taurine, ginseng extract, carnitine and guarana extract. According to a Longborough University stu... Read More »

How much caffeine is in a Redline energy drink?

According to multiple sources and the VPX Web site, the makers of Redline energy drinks, Redline has 250 mg of caffeine per 8 oz. can. By comparison, a 16 oz. serving (a grande) of Starbucks coffee... Read More »

How much of an energy drink containing 32 mg per 100 ml of caffeine could kill me?

I don't know what kind of energy drink you are drinking, but it would take an enormous amount of caffeine to kill you! You can drink ten cans, the worst that can really happen is you get shakey and... Read More »

When I drink, too much caffeine, I begin to get weak and feel shaky. What's wrong?

WELL.. as you might kno caffeine has something called SUGER in it and drinking too much will can cause shaking because your body cant handle that much you might think your waking your self up in th... Read More »