Do I drink too much Diet Pepsi?

Answer's better than drinking too much tequila or too much coffee. Right?I'm not actually sure.YOU *could* drink water.Mmmmm..water.Healthy and see through.

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Can Diabetics drink Diet Cola of Pepsi?

yes i knew someone who used to drink diet coke and he was diabetic. just don't drink much of it and you will be ok.

Is it true diet coke or diet pepsi is not good for your bones?

Yes, but it isn't the caffeine, it's the carbon dioxide. Drink a few glasses of low-fat or non-fat milk a day instead, and maybe cut back to just one can of soda a day. Don't overdo it on the milk,... Read More »

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Which do you prefer- diet pepsi or diet coke?

Diet Pepsi. It has a more crisp taste to it. Its more refreshing you feel like you are drinking regural pepsi. I love it!