Do I do a good job with my make-up (pics included)?

Answer Try filling in your eyebrows, it will give them a more defined look. Also don't be afraid of using a lip color. Another way to look glowing is to use a blush/high lighter. The dou will cotour your ... Read More »

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What is a good... ((PICS INCLUDED))?

Your a really cute girl, so anything would look good on you! Browns compliment almost everyone and as long as you have liner and mascera on you can probably skip the eyeshadow. A darker green would... Read More »

Do you think short hair will look good on me Pics included?

wow if is really really bad, do it short but not so short you can do what i did, cut it to the shoulders and then the next month i went back to get rid of the rest of the maltreated hair...somethin... Read More »

What do you think of my make up (PICS INCLUDED)?

damn u luk so sxc its unbellevable!!!!!an u no ur luvd major style by me enit babelyl gawjusdnt listen to all dese stupid jelus h8as

Should i use light eye make up or heavier (pics included!?

wow your really pretty i think you could go either way i kinda like the 1st one alittle bit more. your adorable though!