Do I Pay Taxes on Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits?

Answer As of 2011, while you do have to pay federal taxes on unemployment compensation received from Pennsylvania, you do not have to pay state or local taxes on these benefits. Unemployment compensation ... Read More »

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Is unemployment compensation taxable on Pennsylvania income taxes?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor, unemployment is only taxed on a federal level and not on the state level. It furthers says that Public Law 111-5 makes only amounts over the firs... Read More »

Do you have to pay income taxes on unemployment benefits?

Unemployment benefits are taxable and most who receive the benefit do not have taxes taken out because the award is smaller than what was previously earned. IRS rules made the first $2,400 of unemp... Read More »

Can you collect unemployment benefits while on long term disability in Pennsylvania?

Can you collect partial unemployment&social security benefits in pennsylvania?

If you're receiving partial unemployment compensation in Pennsylvania due to part-time work, your benefit is reduced by a percentage of your wages. Unlike wages, though, Social Security benefits ar... Read More »