Do I Need to Have an As-Is Agreement When I Sell My Car?

Answer The Federal Trade Commission reports that many states do not require sellers to guarantee a sold vehicle will pass state or emission inspections. State used car rules usually apply to dealers, not ... Read More »

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Do I need to report the money to the CRA when I sell my car?

Lenders and other creditors report consumer credit information to credit reporting agencies, such as Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Consumers do not report income of any sort to the credit repor... Read More »

How to Write a Buy Sell Agreement?

Often called a buyout agreement, a buy-sell agreement is a contract that partners in a business enter into that dictates how shares of the business may be sold or transferred. The agreement is gene... Read More »

Do you need to have a license to sell Greek lettered T-shirts?

If you are seeking to sell T-shirts to sororities or fraternities, you may need a license to avoid copyright infringement. The sororities and fraternities do not hold a copyright to the letters th... Read More »

What license do you need to have to sell shrimp on your truck?

A commercial fishing license is needed to sell shrimp from a truck. The type of license will vary from state to state. Recreational fishing licenses do not allow for selling a catch from a truck. I... Read More »