Do I Need Java Updates on My Computer?

Answer It can be very annoying when a program installed on your computer is always pestering you to get updates every time you start up. One of the software packages that does this is Java. Before you ign... Read More »

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Can I delete Java updates from my computer?

You can safely delete Java updates from your computer. In fact, it is wise to do this because having older Java versions installed on your computer may inadvertently create a security vulnerability... Read More »

I get Java requesting updates which includes McAffee security. Do I need it if AVG has been working fine?

It is just a security scan and there is no need to download this if you all ready have a good, reliable anti-virus. It isn't capable of removing viruses either. To simply put it there is no need to... Read More »

Why Am I Getting Java Updates?

Every once in a while, you may see a little bubble pop up at the bottom of your screen asking you if you would like to get the latest Java update. If you've ever wondered why these requests come up... Read More »

Are Java updates cumulative?

Java updates are cumulative. Each new update to a version of Java contains all the bug fixes released in the previous updates. Installing the latest update will bring Java completely up-to-date, ev... Read More »