Do I Have to Vent a Stovetop?

Answer Remodeling your kitchen gives you the chance to set everything up just how you want it and to add as much space as you want, within the limits of the room. Here’s your opportunity to install thos... Read More »

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What Cleans Rust From a Stovetop Air Vent?

Cooking food results in more than just a good dinner — it also leaves behind moisture and grease in the kitchen. The air vent over the stove pulls much of this away from the room and sends it out... Read More »

Direct Vent Vs. Power Vent Water Heaters?

A power vent heater uses a blower fan for exhaust gases whereas a direct vent has a natural draft exhaust. A direct vent heater draws combustion air from the outside while a power vent pulls air f... Read More »

Do you have to vent a fan outside?

A bathroom fan must be vented outside to prevent moisture from collecting inside the house. Bathroom fans that are vented in the house or attic often lead to mildew growth caused by excess moisture... Read More »

Do you need an attic fan if you have a ridge vent?

On One Hand: No Attic Fan Needed With a Ridge VentA properly installed ridge vent will provide all of the air flow necessary throughout the attic and will increase your home's energy efficiency. Th... Read More »