Do I Have to Use the Ground Wire on an O2 Sensor?

Answer The average automotive computer uses numerous sensors that act as the management system's eyes and ears in your engine. The mass airflow and manifold air pressure sensors tell the computer how much... Read More »

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How can you ground a porcelain light fixture with no ground screw and not mounted in a metal box or do you even have to if not what do you do with ground wire?

Answer Porcelain "keyless" fixtures do not have any designated ground screw, so, assuming there's a supply point "box" already in the ceiling or wall where the light is to be fixed, if there's more... Read More »

I have a four wire that ran a well pump 3 hot and a ground . im changing to a four wire dryer does it matter w?

C-E guy is mostly right, except if it is Larger than #6 awg, then you can pick any insulated wire except green and identify it "At the time of installation, by a distinctive white or gray marking a... Read More »

How to Wire a 4-Wire Universal Oxygen Sensor?

Automotive engines are composed of a complex set of systems that are monitored by several types of sensors. The four-wire universal oxygen sensor is one of the sensors that monitors fuel consumpti... Read More »

Is it ok for ground wire to be wet(damp)?

All "Underground wiring" gets wet eventually. Check continuity between wires and from each wire to the pipe. If none, your good to go.Wow! You really got hammered with "Professional" answers!Listen... Read More »