Do I Have to List Bankruptcy When I File Taxes?

Answer Filing taxes with a bankruptcy can be difficult in the first few years after filing. The IRS does not require a taxpayer to list the bankruptcy on any tax return although the bankruptcy itself may ... Read More »

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When do you have to file if you owe no taxes?

If you do not owe the government any taxes, but need to take advantage of a tax credit or obtain a refund, you must file your taxes before April 15. However, if the government owes you money, it is... Read More »

How do I file taxes after bankruptcy?

Filing income taxes after bankruptcy is not much different than filing before bankruptcy. However, many believe a couple of fallacies after they take this action. One is that tax debt will be forgi... Read More »

Can you file bankruptcy on past due taxes?

Filing for bankruptcy protection may help a person either eliminate back taxes (called a discharge) or at least give the individual more time to pay them back. However, the particulars of the case ... Read More »

When do you have to file your taxes by?

You must file your taxes by April 15 to avoid late penalties, according to MSN Money Central. You have until October 15 if the IRS grants you an extension. Also, the self-employed need to pay taxes... Read More »