Do I Have a Right To Complain?

Answer Well, even though the waiter probably was correct, he didn't need to smirk, and give you the business...I would complain to management, and tell them if a full party of 8s money isn't welcome there... Read More »

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Do you think celebrities have the right to complain?

No they don't. They chose a profession in which you get paid for fame, actually the celebs should be thanking the paparazzi.

Why do people always complain that ipods don't have an FM tuner?

It's like hearing the radio connects you with humanity in some kind of way. When you're only listening to what you like, it kind of isolates you. That's what I think.And in my particular case, I li... Read More »

Why do women complain and groan when they have menstrual cramps?

Prepare to have your b@lls lopped off.......The women are going to annihilate you......*Saluting* It was sure nice knowing you.....

I have lower back pains,right side pains, pains in right butt cheek down to right leg.What could it be?

It does sound like a bulging disc and sciatica. I have suffered from this for over 20 years. Go to the Doctors or emergency ward at the hospital. They will order Xrays to determine the real cau... Read More »