Do I Gear Up or Down With Paddle Tires on a Motorcycle?

Answer Motorcycle paddle tires are made specifically for use in soft sandy riding conditions such as deserts or beach dunes. Some riders also use paddle tires for snowy conditions. Paddle tires do not hav... Read More »

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How to Work a Flappy Paddle Gear Box?

Flappy paddle gear boxes give you the control found in a standard gear box -- a stick shift -- without the necessity of a manual clutch. An automatic transmission shifts on its own accord once the ... Read More »

About motorcycle gear?

you can do that, but you will end up sweating in it and make it smell. Put it in a backback or get a tankbag

How to Select a Go Kart Racing Gear Using Gears and Tires?

Most racers know about gear ratio and gear ratio charts are listed in numerous places. Gear ratios are figured using rear gear divided by clutch gear. For example if you were running a 15t clutch g... Read More »

The Effects of Larger Tires on Final Gear Ratio?

Vehicle transmission and differential gears are paired within a power train to provide desired performance and fuel economy goals. Both automatic and manual transmissions use gears, and both front-... Read More »