Do Hewlett-Packard ink cartridges last past the expiration date?

Answer On One Hand: No More Expiration DatesThe majority of Hewlett-Packard ink cartridges don't even have expiration dates on them, so this is not going to be an issue for most people. As explains... Read More »

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About Hewlett Packard Ink Cartridges?

Hewlett Packard ink cartridges are manufactured by Hewlett Packard and are designed to be used in their printers. These cartridges come in two designations: black or color. While many models of HP ... Read More »

How Do I Align Hewlett-Packard Inkjet Print Cartridges?

Print quality is one of the major factors consumers use in choosing a printer for themselves or their business. Printers with misaligned cartridges can lead to poor printing quality and damage to t... Read More »

Do HP ink cartridges last past the expiration date?

HP ink cartridges carry an expiration date to guarantee effective usability for a fixed period. After that date, ink cartridges will often last for a few weeks, especially if the printer was stored... Read More »

How Do I Add a Hewlett Packard Printer?

Plug in the HP printer, but do not turn it on, and do not attach the USB printer cable yet.Turn on the computer. Insert the HP printer installation CD into the computer CD drive. Follow the on-scre... Read More »