Do Hamsters Eat Their Children?

Answer Hamsters sometimes do eat their offspring. However, this action is generally misunderstood. Hamsters are not mean-spirited. It must be remembered that they are animals, after all, and are driven by... Read More »

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Why do hamsters eat their poop?

Hamsters expel two different kinds of waste. One kind is full of partially digested foods filled with rich nutrients, while the other is just waste. Coprophagy, the term given to eating the nutrien... Read More »

Do hamsters eat their own babies?

Mother hamsters do occasionally eat their babies. When this happens, it is usually because for some reason the mother hamster felt threatened. It's important to leave the mother hamster and the bab... Read More »

Are hamsters good pets for children?

On One Hand: Hamsters are Docile PetsHamsters are small and easy to maintain and tame---important attributes for a child's pet. Children tend to neglect their responsibilities with cats and dogs du... Read More »

Do hamsters respond to their name?

Hamsters can learn their names and respond to them, according to the book “Training Your Pet Hamster.” In order for a hamster to learn its name, repeatedly use the name while handling or feedin... Read More »