Do Geraniums Like Sun or Shade?

Answer "Geranium" is the common name of plants that belong to two different genuses comprised of more than 600 species. The range of light conditions is as wide as the choice of species. Some geraniums ne... Read More »

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Do Japanese beetles kill only white geraniums or all geraniums?

Japanese beetles do not kill white geraniums; in fact, white geraniums are popular plants used to kill Japanese beetles. The leaves of these plants are poisonous to Japanese beetles, but they are a... Read More »

How to Shade on a Graphing Calculator Using the Shade Command?

Shading on a graphing calculator is a great way to visually indicate overlap, whether between two inequalities or two lines. For instance, if you want to shade the space below one equation and abov... Read More »

How do i slip geraniums?

Cut the SlipCut a 3- to 4-inch stem tip, or slip, from a healthy geranium using a sharp knife or pruning shears. Remove the leaves from the lower half of the stem and leave the upper leaves intact.... Read More »

How to Replant Geraniums?

Geraniums are often selected to grow in hanging baskets, due to their short stature and dense foliage. Or they may be used to complement taller plants, such as roses. To keep geraniums alive over t... Read More »