Do Galaxy S3s work well with Macs?

Answer It will work just as well as it would with a windows PC, if not better, windows is bad with drivers.

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Do macs work with any printer?

Many, but not all. If you have a Macbook Pro, I would get one with a USB interface or a network (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) interface. Many of the Apple, Brother, Canon, Epson, Fuji, Gestener, Infote... Read More »

How to Hack Zune to Work With Macs?

The Microsoft Zune never really lived up to its "iPod killer" hype. Besides being much larger than its counterparts, the Zune has never easily been able to connect to computers running Apple's OS X... Read More »

Which printers work better with macs. Epsons or Hps?

From mine point of view Epson is best as this provides the ability for users to copy, scan or fax documents if they should require this technology. The printer has wireless printing capabilities an... Read More »

How well do Macs hold their value?

Macbook or desktop/Tower MAC?A MacBook is 20 to 30% higher than extremely similar Vizio systems,and about 50 to 60% higher than good quality ultrabooks, and about double the price of best value Win... Read More »