Do GPS navigations work in rainy weather?

Answer yesVERY heavy layers of clouds might interfere, but most built-in GPS systems (in cars that is) compensate for that by using telemetrics obtained from wheel movement (rotation and angle)In most cas... Read More »

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How to Pack for Rainy Weather?

Whether you're taking a long or short trip, it's important to have the proper gear and clothes if rainy weather is expected a possibility. If you get wet and don't have a way to dry off, your trip ... Read More »

How to Enjoy Cloudy and Rainy Weather Outside?

A cloudy dayRain makes for a wonderfully pleasant day. Go outside and enjoy it! Here are a few suggestions for how to do so.

Flag Etiquette in Rainy Weather?

Flying the flag is a traditional way to show your pride in the United States. According to the U.S. Code guidelines for all patriotic customs, rainy day flag etiquette dictates that you may fly the... Read More »

How to Keep Your Hair From Frizzing in Humid & Rainy Weather?

Humid and rainy weather can ruin a hairstyle. After you spent an hour styling your hair, it becomes frizzy and unmanageable the moment you step outside. This can be especially frustrating if you ha... Read More »