Do GP doctors think they have the time needed to diagnose properly?

Answer I agree and like your phraseology about the assembly line. Even in the small town where I live, it's getting to be that way, even though I have been seeing my family doctor for many years. It's i... Read More »

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How do doctors diagnose a sinus infection!!?

Generally, they ask for your symptoms. Sinus pressure, thick yellow or even green mucus from the nose. Sometimes the nasal discharge will even have an odor. Sometimes there's a fever. Burning i... Read More »

How to Properly Diagnose a Bad Head Gasket?

Even if you aren't a professional mechanic there are steps that you can take to diagnose a bad head gasket. With only a few simple tools and a keen eye you can quickly determine if your head gaske... Read More »

Wasting the doctors time?

How is your blood pressure when you go to the doctor?Optimally you want to be around 120/80. If it is over 140/100 then you will want to work on eating right and losing weight. You will want to add... Read More »

When was the last time you played Doctors and nurses.?

Never liked that game, I was always the bl**dy ambulance driver.