Do GP doctors think they have the time needed to diagnose properly?

Answer I agree and like your phraseology about the assembly line. Even in the small town where I live, it's getting to be that way, even though I have been seeing my family doctor for many years. It's i... Read More »

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When you go to the doctors and have to pee in a cup can they find out if u have used drugs?

Yes they can, if they are doing a particular test. Maybe they won't do that test.Hair follicles can retain traced of drugs even months after one has stopped.The only way to be absolutely sure that ... Read More »

Who's had a root canal I just had one and now they think I should get a crown. Is this needed?

Placing a dental crown on a molar that has had root canal treatment is pretty much considered to be the "standard of care" for most situations. The dental crown helps protect the tooth from fractur... Read More »

How do doctors diagnose a sinus infection!!?

Generally, they ask for your symptoms. Sinus pressure, thick yellow or even green mucus from the nose. Sometimes the nasal discharge will even have an odor. Sometimes there's a fever. Burning i... Read More »

How can they denie you disabilty 4 times and you have proof from 6 doctors?

Are these four SEPERATE applications or the same one just carried through the different stages? Almost everyone is denied the first time, you have to use the appeal not just a new application. I am... Read More »