Do French Francs have any value?

Answer The French Franc is no longer used as legal tender in France, as the Euro is now France's official currency. However, the exchange value of the franc is fixed at 0.1524490172374104 Euros, and the F... Read More »

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Can you still use French francs?

French francs can not be spent. They were replaced as the currency of France by the euro on January 1, 2002. French francs can be exchanged for euros through the Banque de France until February 17,... Read More »

Are French francs worth anything?

France was among the first members of the European Union to convert to the Euro, giving up the franc in 1999. If you still have French franc notes laying around, they cannot be used as currency and... Read More »

Can French francs be exchanged?

French francs can be exchanged until February 17, 2012. The franc is no longer used as currency, having been replaced by the euro. The value of the French franc was set at 1 Euro equals 6.55957 fra... Read More »

Can I still change my French francs to euros?

As of April 2010, you can still exchange your French francs into euros, even though you can no longer use them. They can be exchanged (banknotes only) before February 17, 2012, up to 5,000 euros, b... Read More »