Do Fireplace heat reflectors really work?

Answer Answer 1 Yes, IF they are installed to fully meet the specifications of the manufacturer, AND IF the reflecting surface is kept clean.

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Is it safe to hang a flat screen tv over a fireplace. will the heat from the fireplace effect the tv?

How do I adjust the heat output of the Kozy Heat wood-burning fireplace?

Use Your Remote Transmitter to Adjust TemperatureOnce you have set up the remote transmitter of your Kozy Heat fireplace, if you have it set on "Auto" (automatic), it will send a signal to the fire... Read More »

How can you efficiently use a natural fireplace to heat a home and what are types or brands of fans to use to blow the heat so it won't escape up the chimney?

Besides having a fireplace insert with blower installed. There is very little you can do to help a wood burning fireplace be an effective heat producer for your home. Here are a couple of items tha... Read More »

Do solar panels work better with reflectors on them?

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory found that solar panels with aluminum reflectors were more efficient than solar panels without reflectors. The reflectors helped the enhanced panels work up to thr... Read More »