Do Fertilizers Affect Algae Growth?

Answer Algae growth occurs naturally as an important part of the ecosystem and a major producer of oxygen. When fertilizer is improperly applied and floods the surrounding environment, it can cause devast... Read More »

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Do phosphates in laundry detergents affect the growth of algae?

Limiting the amount of phosphates in a body of water will help prevent algae from growing because high phosphate levels contribute to algae growth. As a result, detergents that contain phosphates s... Read More »

How is nitrogen-based fertilizers related to algae bloom?

Farmers use artificial nitrogen based fertilizers on their land to improve their crops. However, the fertilizer is very soluble and it washes off into the rivers lakes and oceans where it also feed... Read More »

Fertilizers Used for Wheat Growth?

As a food source, wheat is everywhere. It supplies around 20 percent of the calories the peoples of the world consume. Manufacturers process wheat into breads, cakes and pasta. Because of the impor... Read More »

What are the effects of fertilizers on plant growth?

Fertilizers promote plant growth through a variety of mechanisms. Most notably, fertilizers provide essential nutrients which are often limited in natural systems, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. ... Read More »