Do Facebook games use a lot of megabytes?

Answer Yes, any online game does. You might max out your download limit ( if you have one) if you play them often.

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Which games on facebook have the watch and earn for free facebook credits?

Mall World, Happy Pets, Ravenwood Fair, Salon Street!Hope it will help!P.S, if you know any others games, please let me know!Thanks for hint! :-)

Why do people get on facebook games 24/7?

Have her grow marijuana in Farmville and then sell it in Mafia Wars. You'll be rich!Also, you might want to tell her to be very careful of what she clicks on in the margins of the screen while pla... Read More »

Why won't my Facebook games work?

Wait a day and check it again. Facebook may be fixing the games to improve it. It also might be your computer. Try another one and if they was like that too then it is probably facebook fixing the ... Read More »

Facebook Friend List Games?

YOU THROW A PARTY!....&.(Here are your rules: just for funGo to your profile look left at friends & put down in order..)1st- CRASHES THE PARTY: 2nd- GOT TOO DRUNK:3rd- GETS LOCKED UP:4th- STARTS A ... Read More »