Do External Hard Drives increase RAM?

Answer NOPE. The only way to increase RAM is to BUY MORE and plug it in. There is no such thing as External RAM. Look up your system at Crucial.com…Good luck an... Read More »

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Are there external hard drives I could buy to increase space on my computer?

yes, we use a 500gb external drive to hold our music and movies. it's great because we can move it between our computers here at home. when i bought it there was one that was 1 terabyte, but it wa... Read More »

How to Tie Two External Hard Drives Into One?

Having two hard drives in two different drive enclosures can be a headache for computer users. They not only take up multiple power outlets but they also hog the peripheral (USB, Firewire or eSata)... Read More »

Best external hard drives?

If you want the best external hard drive with FireWire 800, the G – drive one terabyte external hard drive is the best. It has every cable included, a huge on and off button to easily access, a s... Read More »

How do I run two external hard drives with a Mac?

In most cases the USB device will draw its power from the computer via the USB cable. If this is not the case, then plug in the power adapter. If the external hard drive has a power button, turn it... Read More »