Do Dry Shampoos Work?

Answer Dry shampoos--hair products designed to extend the time in between washings--work well for virtually anyone. Dry shampoo products soak up excess oil and hair products to refresh your hair almost in... Read More »

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How Do Shampoos Work Chemically?

Shampoo's job is to rid hair of the various organic and inorganic materials that make it unclean. When hair is dirty, it contains skin flakes, dust, dirt, oil, salt and hair-product residue. Water ... Read More »

Do no-shed pet shampoos really work?

On One Hand: Shedding Is a Genetic PredispositionVeterinarians will tell you that a dog breed that is genetically predisposed to shedding will always shed. No amount of shampoos, creams or grooming... Read More »

PH Levels in Shampoos?

The acronym pH stands for potential hydrogen. The term originally comes from the French "pouvoir hydrogen." the pH level is a reference to how many hydrogen ions are present in a substance. The pH ... Read More »

Top Mens Shampoos?

Men's hair products rarely receive the same attention as women's hair products, but many men struggle with the same problems as women. Flat hair, fine hair, frizzy hair and hair loss are all proble... Read More »