Do Dirt & Grass Damage Car Paint?

Answer Although most vehicle owners worry about the appearance of scratches and chips on their paintwork, very few stop to consider the effects of natural materials. Dirt and grass in particular can easil... Read More »

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What type of grass would be most suitable surrounding a pool if you're concerned with salt water damage to grass?

Answer Red Top Grass grows well around wet conditions and might be the solution you need.If you are concerned about the effects of Sodium chloride on the soil surrounding a salt water pool less har... Read More »

Clearing old grass and dirt?

Rent a powered tiller (kind of like a push-mower) you will save yourself lots of time. There are also better un-powered tillers than just a hoe.Good luck!

How to Grow Grass on Dirt?

Growing grass on dirt is most successful when you prepare the bare soil before putting down grass seed. Adequate soil preparation helps establish a healthy grass lawn that prevents soil erosion, en... Read More »

The Causes of Dogs Eating Dirt and Grass?

Dogs sometimes do some strange things. One of the actions that often baffle dog owners is seeing Fido eat dirt or grass. Even if a dog is well fed, it will sometimes take part in this unusual pasti... Read More »