Do DVD burners on computers burn cd's also?

Answer Most of them do, keep in mind tho, be selective in your choice if buying a new DVD burner. There are a dozen different video formats so make sure you purchase one that covers them all!

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Do all new computers come with c.d burners?

Why do so many people pick the easy questions to answer?Most come with dual format, DVD-RW/CD_RW.

Are DVD burners able to burn blue ray?

Can all DVD burners burn dual layer?

Not all DVD burners can burn a dual layer DVD, according to Super Media Store. The DVD burner must signify that it can handle dual layer DVD media, such as with "DVD+R DL."References:Super Media St... Read More »

Can all DVD burners burn a 8.5 gigabyte disk?

All DVD burners do not support 8.5 GB (dual-layer) discs. The first DVD burners supported single-layer discs only. You can look up the model number of your DVD burner online to see what disc types ... Read More »