Do Cranberries Grow on Bushes or Vines?

Answer Cranberries are native to America but are not widely cultivated because of their specialized growing needs. Half of the commercial cranberry crop is grown in Wisconsin, with Massachusetts as a runn... Read More »

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Do cranberries grow on bushes?

How to Grow Cranberries?

Cranberries are used in a variety of sauce and pie recipes and are used alone or mixed with other fruits to make juice. They are also a popular addition to salads and are eaten in dried form as a s... Read More »

Vegetables That Grow on Vines?

Grow vining vegetables whether you have a large garden or a small one. All you need is a cage, vertical fence or trellis to support the vines. If space isn't a factor, let the vines sprawl across t... Read More »

What Vines Grow Well on Pergolas?

Pergolas are trellis-like structures, often covering an open area such as a patio or creating a passageway from one area to another. They are often made of wood but can also be constructed of vario... Read More »