Do Cosmetics Contain Silicone?

Answer Silicone is a synthetic compound engineered from the element silicon. It produces a slick texture and is often used as a lubricant ingredient. Silicone is found in a variety of skin care products a... Read More »

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Which Cosmetics Contain Estradiol?

Estradiol is a type of estrogen. The hormone is a significant factor during puberty in young girls, and can have profound effects on a woman's mental health. However, it often results in adverse si... Read More »

What Is Silicone Oil?

Silicone oil has a similar molecular structure to conventional hydrocarbon-based oils, but with a chain of siloxane units instead of carbon atoms. It is regularly used as a lubricant or hydraulic f... Read More »

How to Remove Silicone Wax?

One of the most common uses for wax that contains silicone is on a car. Silicone is used in wax products to help make them easier to apply. The silicone lubricates the wax, which results in a more ... Read More »

How to Add Silicone Oil to a Watch?

A watch is a delicate and sensitive piece of equipment that can be ruined by just a small amount of moisture getting into the mechanism. When your watch requires lubrication, you must be very caref... Read More »