Do Condensers Have to Run to Cool Air in a Split System?

Answer In any air conditioning system, the condenser component should never produce cool air, as it always functions to temporarily heat up the air. The hot Freon gas inside the coils is condensed, so tha... Read More »

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Do condensers have to run to cool air in a split-system heat pump?

A split-system heat pump has one set of coils inside while the other coils are outside. It uses the same fundamental thermodynamic cycle as any heat pump or air conditioner, so the refrigerant must... Read More »

What happens when you change you system from cool to heat and it still blows out cool air?

I heard that Split AC does not cool the room as window AC do Is that trueWhich one is best?

cooling depends on the BTU capacity of AC. British Thermal Units...power consumption depends on EER of your AC..Energy Efficiency Ratio..typically 9.xxmore EER...less power consumption...You can ca... Read More »

What is split-system cooling?

Split-system cooling is a method of air conditioning used in homes and other buildings. It removes heat from the building, rather than bringing cool air in.PartsSplit-system cooling involves the us... Read More »