Do Concrete Roof Tiles Require Maintenance?

Answer You have a number of choices when it comes to roofing materials. Common materials include asphalt shingles, metal panels, cedar shakes and concrete tiles. Each type has advantages and disadvantages... Read More »

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Tiles from the roof of an apartment building fell onto my car when it was windy. The tiles damaged my car.?

contact your insurance co. and let them handle it. that's what you are paying them to do. most likely they will write you a check and they will collect from the apartments.

How do I recycle roof tiles?

Garden PathMake a garden path with your old clay roof tile. Make two straight lines with your chalk lines. Dig a 4-inch ditch inside the chalk lines. Add 2x4s to each side to make rails. Place thes... Read More »

How many 4inch tiles would you need for 12 ft by 12 ft roof?

First of all we have to convert the dimensions of roof in inches. 1 feet = 12 inches 12 feet = 144 inches Area of each tile = 4 x 4 inches2 Area of roof = 144 x 144 inches2 So, Number of tiles =... Read More »

Why use clay for roof tiles?

Clay roofing tiles have become very popular for their durability and unique look. The tiles used to comprise clay tile roofs are bowed to fit smoothly into one another, giving the roof a continuous... Read More »