Do Cia officers carry firearms?

Answer yes.

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How to Carry Concealed Firearms?

The term "carry concealed" refers to the practice of concealing firearms on your person. Concealing your firearm allows you to better defend yourself because your assailant will not be forewarned t... Read More »

Can convicted felons carry firearms?

In 1968, the Federal government passed the Gun Control Act. This act made it illegal for a convicted felon to buy or own a gun. To enforce this law, any person that is trying to buy a gun must pass... Read More »

Is Virginia a firearms open carry state?

Virginia is an open carry state for firearms. Open carry means you can carry a gun, such as a handgun or shotgun, provided the gun is holstered and fully visible when worn outside of clothing. The ... Read More »

Which CIA officers carry guns?

Black and grey slacks. Black dress shoes. White or light blue dress shirts.