Do the people on so you think you can dance get paid?

Answer im so sorry about what ever rude person wrote that! I would look on!

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How much do people in the air force get paid?

I don't know how old this question is but it's the same with all u.s. Military but a (E-1) privet makes 2500 a year but you can only be a (E-1) privet for a year and thats with out and bonuses

Do people get paid to clean up wikipedia?

Certainly not by Wikipedia. It is possible some PR firms do this. This ranges from going well to being complete mess-ups.

Do people get paid to be on judge judy?

The Plaintiff and Defendant are just regular people needing answers. The people who get paid are the Judge and the police officer.

Do people get paid for their youtube videos?

if you have enough subscribers/views, youtube makes you a "partner". if you're a partner, you get paid for views and subscribers. that on top of merchfor example, i know a famous user, kevjumba set... Read More »