Do Car Thieves Have Cloned Key Lock Devices?

Answer In the early 1980's car manufacturers came up with the idea to produce vehicles accessible using RKE or remote keyless entry. With the push of a button from a distance, the doors lock. Legend has i... Read More »

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Is there a lock box with an outlet inside for charging devices?

You certainly could make one. Just drill a small hole in a lockable box that will fit your devices. Don

I have an Hp printer, I downloaded the software, it says "No Hp devices have been detected" Its plugged in too?

I am having the same problem with mine except my pc is dell, but the brand of your pc does not matter, it is the OS that matters. Anyway what I wanted to post was, if you do not get an answer you ... Read More »

I have an older hdtv with only one hd component input. I have 3 hd devices I wish to use, any ideas?

There are many Component video switches on the market.Look at these...…But you could use a Receiver with component switching... Read More »

If a remote control says up to (x amount) av devices will it also work on hdmi devices?

I was confused by your question but now I understand. AV means Audio Visual. A TV with a HDMI connection is an AV device. So is your AV Receiver, cable/sat box, game system etc.Just because a bo... Read More »