Do Canon standard zoom lenses have a macro mode?

Answer Canon Sure Shot Zoom-S is not a SLR offer variety of brand name digital cameras, including compact Point & Shoot and SLR Professional types of cameras.

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Are there compelling reaons to select between a Nikon D40 Canon 400D Pentax k200D with standard and tele zoom lenses?

Nikon was founded 1917 as Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō. It was renamed after it's camera range and is now owned by Mitsubushi.

Will the canon fd zoom lens 35-70mm 13.5 - 4.5 with macro fit on a rebel xsi?

No. The two cameras have completely different lens mounts. IIRC, the only manufacturer to produce autofocus bodies that will accept manual-focus lenses is Nikon.

Do Tamron macro lenses fit a Canon?

Tamron makes macro lenses to fit Canon cameras. As of June 2010, Tamron manufactures lenses for Canon, Pentax, Sony and Nikon cameras. Lens mounts differ between camera manufacturers and selecting ... Read More »

After taking a picture with a Canon S3 IS and reviewing it in playback zoom mode how do you save the zoomed in shot you are looking at?

As in transfer your pictures from camera to computer?Connect the Fire Wire/USB cord from camera to computer and it should automatically detect it. (PlugnPlay)After connecting it, you basically drag... Read More »