Do Bush Beans Need Support?

Answer Green beans come in two types: bush beans and pole beans. Bush beans form on compact, erect plants, while pole beans produce long vines. Both have potential benefits and drawbacks. Plant bush beans... Read More »

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How Big Do Contender Bush Beans Get?

According to University of Illinois Extension horticulture experts, green beans are one of the top five vegetables grown in home gardens. Each plant produces multiple harvests when cared for proper... Read More »

How many kidney beans can be harvested on one bush?

The number of kidney beans harvested from one bush varies and is usually low, comprising just a few bean pods. A home gardener must plant many kidney bean bushes to yield a pound of beans. Farmers ... Read More »

How to Grow Bush Beans in the Shade?

Fresh green beans picked from your own garden add food to your table at a low cost. Unlike pole beans, which need trellising, bush beans provide 1- to 2-foot-tall plants that grow large amounts of ... Read More »

Can I cook rice and Bush's baked beans together?

Canned beans are already cooked, so they just need heating. Cook the rice separately and add it to the beans as they are heating. Otherwise you'll end up with crunchy rice and burned beans.