Do British people like American food?

Answer What exactly is American food?We have burgers and doughnuts in the UK too....

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Would you like to have some Spotted Dick British People is this really food?

Hi Sweet Judy, Lol Lol I don't know Judy but i found this to be really funny to me.. How would it sound to us here in The USA.. I want to invite you over for some Spotted Dick.. Now Judy be hones... Read More »

Do American people REALLY google these questions about British people lol ?

Being an American I can say those are exactly the type of questions Americans would google. Though I think the bad teeth stereotype has died out somewhat. Admittedly I wondered about a couple of th... Read More »

Do you like chinese food or american food?

Why don't British people like cars very much?

British people LOVE cars! Check out one of the most popular shows on the BBC- Top Gear, which has been going strong for something like 10 years. I think there are considerably less cars for a coupl... Read More »