Do Bose headphones really cancel out external sound?

Answer According to the Bose website, the headphones use microphones that are both inside and outside the ear, which allows minimal sound to come in. These headphones seem to be very popular among travele... Read More »

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When i plug my headphones into my TV no sound comes out of my headphones but they still come out of my tv speakers. I want to use my headphones to listen to sound from my Ps3.?

a mess up in the headphone? you may need a new tv or new headphones The headphone jack in the TV are switched so that the TV's speakers are turned off when you plug in the phones. This jack has be... Read More »

What is better turtle beach headphones or Bose headphones?

Will your dish vip622 remote control your Bose v20 lifestyle surround sound three bose codes do NOT work.?

No, the dish network remote only has those codes. If you want to control everything, get a Logitech Harmony remote.

Is BOSE have agood sound speaker or all just depend on sound software?

Speakers are the most important part of any sound system. Bose, however, is not a high-end speaker. If Bose advertised themselves as a cheap, mass market product whose only real benefit was its sma... Read More »