Do Bose headphones have noise cancellation?

Answer If you get real Bose headphones, yes they do have noise cancellation. It's pretty great. They do have knock off Bose headphones called Brose but they don't work as well as Bose.

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Who invented noise cancellation headphones?

Lawrence J. Fogel thought up the original concept that is used in noise canceling headphones but Dr. Amar Bose of the Bose Corporation actually made the first set of headphones to utilize the techn... Read More »

Inventor of noise cancellation headphones?

Lawrence J. Fogel was the person who thought of them. But he didn't invent them.

Are Bose headphones safe to use for noise cancelling?

What is best Bose quite comfort 3 or Bose quite comfort 15 noise cancelling headphones?