Do Blackout Blinds Work?

Answer Many blackout blind manufacturers offer a blind or shade to block exterior light from entering into a room. While all blackout blinds and shades offer some light blocking ability, the amount of lig... Read More »

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Can i make my blinds blackout?

On One Hand: If They Cover the WindowMost blinds sit recessed into the window space and still let in light around the edges. You can buy blinds that are wider than the window space and make them bl... Read More »

How do you clean window blinds (ventian blinds) easily?

buy one of those swiffer or pledge dry wipes. i used one of those to wipe the furniture because normal rag and vinegar did not help at all. those things are like magic!!

How do you fix stuck blinds when cord does not release the blinds?

AnswerThe trick is getting the gear that is holding the strings in place to let up. Generally you can pull straight down on the cord and while pulling down, gradually pull cord toward center of bli... Read More »

Faux Wood Blinds Vs. Real Wood Blinds?

Blinds, typically, remain an affordable, durable and attractive option for improving the feel of a room. The initial selection of vertical or horizontal blinds remains the easiest and most basic ch... Read More »