Do Ameripride uniforms have tracking devices?

Answer Yes. AmeriPride, a uniform rental and linen supply company, uses Superior Apparel Management. This technology embeds a radio frequency chip in the garment, with an ID that can be read even if the u... Read More »

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Do laptops have tracking devices?

According to USA Today, if you want to track a stolen laptop, you need to install special software on your computer that frequently contacts a central server to check to make sure that the owner ha... Read More »

Do U-Hauls have tracking devices?

U-Haul trucks and trailers are outfitted with tracking devices. U-Haul uses them to track the migration of travelers from one location to another as well as to act as a theft-deterrent for the vehi... Read More »

Do iPods have tracking devices?

The regular iPod does not have a tracking device, but the Nike+iPod sports kit does have tracking capability. Created for runners to keep track of their performance, the kit has two parts. One goes... Read More »

Do GPS systems have tracking devices?

Consumer GPS receivers, such as the Magellan or the Garmin GPS system, do not include tracking transmitters and do not send information. Instead, these systems receive a signal from a satellite and... Read More »